Top Dogs is the place for your dog! Whether you are looking for a dog walking service, a daycare facility or a grooming parlour, we aim to cater for your needs.

Based in North London, in bespoke premises close to Alexandra Palace, we are more than dog walkers – we offer a premium and personalised service. The experienced team at Top Dogs take care of your dogs everyday needs for exercise, socialising, fun and grooming.

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Services we offer

Dog Walking

Doggie Day Care

Dog daycare Services North London


Dog Grooming North London

Dog Walking

We walk all types of dogs and believe that all can benefit from a Top Dogs adventure. The experience is especially beneficial for energetic and easily excitable dogs. Providing them with an outlet to let off all that excess energy gives them with a calmer home life and makes them a much more pleasant (and less stressful) dog to live with. If your dog is socialised, friendly and has good recall, send him along.  All sizes of dog are welcome. Even dogs with lower energy levels require a daily walk for their general well being. They are pack animals and need exercise and socialisation to remain healthy and happy.

With Top Dogs, they will be able to join a pack that suits their needs. We have several walks going out everyday with experienced handlers. Whether it is a gentle amble around Ally Pally or a rambunctious race around Trent Park, or something between the two, your dog will find the right companions with us.

We collect dogs from their homes and exercise them for a minimum of 1 hour (not including travelling times) around local parks and woodlands – often in the wonderful Trent Park near Enfield.  Under continuous supervision, they are encouraged to run, swim and play games with each other and with their human pack leader. To ensure the safety of your dog and other park users, we will never walk more than six dogs per handler. This is in the best interest of everyone and makes sure that the adventure is enjoyed by humans and dogs alike.

Doggie Day Care

When one walk is just not enough, some dogs can come for doggie day care.  Owners who are away from home for the whole day may prefer to send their pooch out for a day with the pack.  Then you can have a guilt free day, knowing he or she is having a wonderful time, walking and getting lots of cuddles in our daycare centre. Your dog will make friends and many of our clients tell us how happy their dogs are to meet other pack members in the park at weekends.

Dogs who come for day care get two walks and spend the rest of their time at our premises.  They have their own room with access to a yard at the back, where they can rest and socialise.  They are not caged or crated (except on instructions from a vet) so the playtime goes on.

There is also an option of half day care.  Dogs can spend either just a morning or an afternoon with us.  During their half day, one walk is included in the service.

To top it off, your dog will be dropped home tired, happy and clean – saving you time and energy! Before they are returned home, muddy dogs receive a complimentary paw wash and tummy rinse if necessary.  They can also take advantage of any of our grooming services, if booked in advance.

** Spaces for this service are now very limited. **

The day care service is run approximately from 9am-4pm.  Half days are 9am-12.30pm or 12.30pm-4pm.  These timings are not exact and both half day and full day care may well be longer that then 7 and 3.5 hours listed, particularly during the summer months.  Dogs maybe collected from as early as 8am and not delivered home until 5pm or after.  Extended hours can be arranged, at no extra cost, but may need to be by client collection and delivery.

Full Groom
Full Groom
Full Groom
Full Groom
Bath & Brush
Bath & Brush


We understand a trip to the groomers can be stressful for your dog. Whether they have had a bad experience in the past, hate the sound of the hairdryer, or don’t like to be separated from their owner – we take the time to create a stress-free environment so your dog can get to know us and feel safe and comfortable. Your dog’s safety is our priority so our front door is locked at all times.

What we offer

Puppy intro – For pups 3-6 months we offer a gentle introduction to grooming. This includes a bath with our natural shampoos, blow dry, ear check and clean, paw trim and nail clipping, sanitary trim, eye trim and a spritz of dog perfume. This allows your puppy to get used to the sites, sounds and smells of the salon to ensure a stress-free experience going forward.

Bath and Brush – Bath and brush includes a bath with natural shampoo, blow dry, brush out and de-matting (if necessary), ear check and clean, paw trim and nail clipping, sanitary trim, eye trim and a spritz of dog perfume. We encourage our clients, especially poodle-mix breeds, to book in for a bath and brush in between full grooms to keep on top of knots.

Full groom – This is a groom to breed standard, or a pet cut of your choice. This includes bath with natural shampoo, blow dry, brush out and de-matting (if necessary), clipping, scissoring or hand-stripping the coat, ear check and clean, paw trim and nail clipping, sanitary trim, eye trim and a spritz of dog perfume. Prices vary on breed and condition of coat.

Full Groom, hairstyle optional
Full Groom, hairstyle optional
Puppy Trim
Puppy Trim
Puppy’s first full groom
Puppy’s first full groom
Westie - clipped not handstripped
Westie - clipped not handstripped

Price List

Dog Walking

Single Dogs

Single walk: £15 (each – for the first 3 walks in a week)
Discounted walks: £50 for 4 walks, or £60 for 5 walks in a week

Double Dogs

Single walk: £25 (each walk – for the first 3 walks in a week)
Discounted walks: £90 for 4 walks or £100 for 5 walks in a week

Please note these discounts are not applied to very large or boisterous dogs that usually go on the Trent Park run.

Doggie Day Care

Dog daycare Services North London

Single Dogs

Half day care: £20 Includes 1 walk.
Full day care: £30 Includes 2 walks.

Double Dogs

Half day care: £30 Includes 1 walk.
Full day care: £50 Includes 2 walks.


Dog Grooming North London

A full groom or handstrip is
£30 – £80 depending on whether the dog is a 
Jack Russell or a 
German Shepherd!
For example, a full groom for a Cockapoo is typically around £45

For an accurate quote, please visit with your dog.

Bath & Brush:   £25
Puppy Trim:  £25
Nail clip:  £8


Day Care and Walks

What do I need to bring on my dogs first day?

Absolutely nothing! We have plenty of leads, toys, blankets and dog bowls. If you would like, you can send your dog in his or her own harness and you can send lunch or special treats (due to allergies). We will follow any instructions you give.

What do the dogs do all day?

Your dog will receive two walks (full day) or one walk (half day) in one of the local parks. When we are back at base the dogs can play in our daycare room, or in the garden. There are also lots of comfy beds for those who want to have a snooze

Where do you walk?

We do many of our walks at our nearest park: Alexandra Palace.  However we like to vary things with the dogs so also go regularly to Highgate Wood, Queens Wood, Coldfall Wood and sometimes Brook Farm Open Space in Totteridge.  At least once a day, we take a pack out to Trent Park.

Do you let the dogs off the lead?

All dogs are let off lead for full exercise, unless there is a medical reason to restrict them.   Of course dogs new to the pack and to the handler are kept on lead until a bond is established.  For extra security all our dogs wear company tags on their collars which have our phone numbers printed on them.

Do you offer a collection service?

Yes we offer collection and drop home service to dogs living in Alexandra Palace, Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Bounds Green. If you live in another area please ask us and we can see if we can accommodate collection in your area.

How many dogs do you walk at one time?

Each member of our team is insured to walk 6 dogs at one time. Sometimes two dog walkers will walk together and take a bigger group. This group will never exceed the legal limit of 6 dogs per person.

Do all the dogs get on?

Generally, yes. They love each other! If we had a dog that we felt was not socialising well, or being aggressive, this dog would be asked to leave for the safety of the rest of the pack. This is a very rare situation however.

Do I need to book my dog in or can I just pop by?

Our daycare service is very popular and most days we are full so a booking is essential.


My dog is very matted – will they need to be shaved short?

Depending on the severity of the mats, dematting may be an option. Dematting can be very time-consuming and painful for the dog. Our main priority is the comfort and safety of your dog. Shaving the dog short is often the kindest option for your dog and the hair will grow back – we promise! All options will be discussed with you before any decisions are made.

How often does my dog need grooming?

This depends on the breed of your dog and the type of hair they have. Regular grooming is essential for the health of your dog, not just for aesthetics. Regular bathing and brushing allows us to carry out a health check on your dog to check for the following:

Fleas and ticks
Skin problems
Knots and matting
Sore or split paw pads
Problems with ears and eyes

What does a Full groom include?

A full groom includes:
Bath – shampoo and blow-dry
Grooming – breed specific or pet trim of your choosing
Sanitary trim
Ear plucking and cleaning
Nail cutting, shaving in between paw pads
Anal gland excretion (on request)

What does a Bath and brush include?

Bath – shampoo and blow-dry
Nail cutting, paw tidy
Sanitary trim
Trimming of hair around the eyes (if necessary)

When can I bring my puppy in for their first groom?

This, again, depends on the breed. However if your dog is going to require regular grooming (eg. Poodle-mix breeds) then we suggest getting them used to the grooming process early. As soon as your pup has had all their vaccinations (around 12 weeks) they can come to the salon. We offer a Puppy Intro grooming session which will introduce your dog to all the sights and sounds of the salon so they can build a relationship with us.

My dog has sensitive skin, what shampoos do you use?

All our shampoos and natural and hypo-allergenic. If your dog has a skin condition that requires a special shampoo from your vet, please bring it along and we will be happy to use it.

About Us

Top Dogs is a new business with an old pedigree.   It was started as Big Walkies in 2009 by Ruth Gillbanks and ran from her home in Muswell Hill. By 2016 the pack had grown to a point where it became necessary to get premises, so she took over the Ruff Mutts grooming parlour and doggie day care business.  Two separate packs are now very successfully joined together and they are Top Dogs!


The owner is Ruth Gillbanks, who has been working with dogs since she owned a boarding kennels in Worcestershire in 1996.  Her own canine companions since then have been a Bullmastiff, a Greyhound, a Jack Russell cross, a Rottweiler and now a rescued Chihuahua cross from Romania.  Every breed and type of dog has its own special charm!


Our groomer is the wonderful Timi. Gentle, patient and extremely talented, Timi trained in her homeland, Hungary, and has been grooming since 2011 and working in the Ruff Mutts parlour since 2014.  You may have seen her walking in Ally Pally with her fantastically groomed Schnauzer, Mr Black.  Top Dogs is very lucky to have retained her services.


Our senior walker is Chema who hails from Spain and who started working at Big Walkies in 2013.  He is usually to be found with the boisterous dogs and is most often the one taking our dogs up to Trent Park.

David holding Dogs


Alongside him is the Ruff Mutts favourite, David.  Also from Spain, David started with Ruff Mutts in 2015 and is much loved by a large selection of Cockapoos and Miniature Schnauzers.


Our part time walker is Anna.  She can be found most often in Alexandra Palace with the smallest of our dogs, sometimes joined by older or quieter pack members.  Anna is also our designated puppy walker.

Contact Us

To book in with Top Dogs, contact us using the details below.


9 Crescent Road, London, N22 7RP
Phone: (+44) 020 8881 1883
Mobile:  (+44) 07588 492483


Day Care: Mon to Fri – 09:00 to 16:00
Grooming: Tues – Sat – 09:30 to 17:00
Sunday: closed

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